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Potting soil is a medium in which plants, herbs and vegetables are grown in a pot or other durable container.

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Potting soil, also known as potting mix or potting compost, is a growing medium for plants, herbs and vegetables, used in pots and planters. It is sterilized, in order to avoid the spread of weeds and plant-borne diseases. It is possible to reuse commercial potting soil, provided that the remnants of plant roots, fungus, weeds and insects are removed from the mixture through heating before new planting can take place.

Hortica is the leading manufacturer and distributor of premier organic potting soils in UAE. We offer unique premium quality potting soil mixes which is 100% organic at a cost savings to our customers. As a recognised firm, we always ensure superior consistency and quality control in the production and distribution of the finest quality potting soil.

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